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"To Miss Redeem,
We would like to apologize for the delay with these letters. Our post office has been rather busy with improving the academy's mailing system, and as such, some amount of mail may be delivered later than we initially intend. Your mail has also been damaged. The letters themselves are fine, but the envelopes have sustained some water damage, resulting in the return addresses on the original envelopes being smeared beyond legibility. We have taken the liberty to discard the original envelopes and consolidate the letters into one package. Please forgive us for not delivering your mail sooner and enjoy your day.
-DWMA Post Office"

Jill looked over the letter taped on the door to her dorm in excitement. She had started to feel a little homesick for the first time since coming to the DWMA, and this would be the perfect way to relieve some of it. In her excitement, she almost missed the package lying in front of her. She picked it up and kicked her door in before frantically opening the package.

She pulled out 5 pieces of paper from the box. They each had a date on them, starting from January 31, 2016 and ending only a little over a month ago. The top sheet had the January date, and she decided to read that one first.

"Hey Jill~!"

She smiled as she immediately recognized the messy handwriting and greeting used. It was her childhood friend from home, Spyro. She hadn't heard from him since he moved to Boston almost a year prior to her arrival at the DWMA. She would've called, but he didn't have a phone, and if he did, she didn't know the number. She should've asked for his new address before the Shuppet left, but it was too late for that now. She heard his voice in her head as she continued reading.

"Sorry for not writing sooner. Things have been pretty hectic over here. Anyways, greetings from Boston!  It's a lot different here than it is back in Baltimore. It's a lot colder, for one thing, and the people are somehow even more in a hurry than I thought was possible. Anyways, congrats on getting into the DWMA! Your parents told me and my dad that you had just moved to Death City to become a great Meister. You're lucky. I wish I could be there so we'd become a Death Scythe pair together, just like we always dreamed about when we were younger. I haven't been practicing with my weapon form as much as I did when we were together. No one here seems to really understand the whole Meister/Weapon thing...kinda like back home, except people here actually want to learn more about it instead of labelling you a freak. I gotta go. Me and my dad are about to go to the movie theater. We're going to see 'Kung Fu Pangoro 3'. Hopefully it'll be just as good as the first two were.
   Kick some Kishin booty for me! Spyro"

So he wasn't mad that she hadn't kept in contact. That made her breath a sigh of relief. She gently placed the letter aside and moved on to the next one. This one was dated April 7, 2016.

"Hey Jill~!
Happy birthday! And may I say holy crap you're finally 19?!? Can you believe it's been almost 10 years since you and I first met when me and my dad moved into the hood next to you guys? Man, those were good times...
I'm sorry. I just can't hide this anymore...Jill, there's...something I gotta tell you, despite my dad not wanting me to tell you this. Before I continue, I wanna say that this has nothing to do with you. You've done nothing wrong.

Jill...I have leukemia."

Her heart skipped a beat. Leukemia? No way. This can't be real, can it?

"You remember how in the months before I moved, I was always tired and bruised easily and got sick more often? Why we couldn't train or hang out together as often as we used to? That's why. It's also why we moved to Boston in the first place. I'm so sorry for not telling you sooner. I didn't want to worry you while you're hunting Kishin and helping to make the world a better place. But I don't want you to worry about me. I'm getting the best medical care someone like me can get, and I have really good doctors treating me. They told me the survival rate for leukemia is pretty good and the odds of it coming back are pretty low if I remember correctly. I'll be back to my old self in no time. I promise. Then we'll finally start on helping me becoming a Death Scythe, just like our dads did in their youth. Just like we dreamed.
    Leukemia won't get me yet! Spyro"  

Her worry faded away as she finished the letter. "Sorry, Spyro. Another friend of mine and I already decided to team up. Maybe if things between us don't work out..." she muttered aloud. "He'll be alright. I just know it. After all, he's a Ghost type. He can't even die. I've got nothing to worry about."

She grabbed the third letter from the pile. This one was dated July 20, 2016. She also briefly glanced at something attached to the bottom of the letter. It was a plane ticket for a 9am flight to Boston from Death City on July 26, 2016.

"Hey, Jill~!
It's been a while since I last wrote, hasn't it? I've been busy with doctors' visits and getting treated with radiation therapy, although...I'm starting to get scared. The doctors have had to increase the amount of radiation used to treat my leukemia, but if anything, I'm feeling worse than I did before starting the treatment. They've already upped the dose four times in the span of a week and a half. 
I also can't help but question my immortality now. This started when these people from this weird organization came to visit me the other day. They said they could grant me any wish I had before my leukemia kills me. I told them I'm never gonna die and they've got the wrong ghost, but they insisted on doing something for me. So I caved and told them I wanted to visit you at the DWMA. Then they said there's no way that they'd let me get possibly killed in Death City and made me change it. Then I suggested having you fly here to Boston so we could hang out again, just like old times.
Did they ever call you or tell you about it? What about your parents? I told my dad and he told them to tell you as soon as possible. I guess something must be wrong with the post office there. It's not like you to wait this long to respond. Normally you reply as soon as you get a message.
I attached the plane ticket to this letter. I'd add more to this, but the nurse just came into the room, and that means more radiation therapy. Wonderful...
    I can't wait to see you! Until then, write back soon. Spyro"

She had been in the Caribbean fighting Blackbeard's pirate crew while her dear friend was waiting for her to come visit him, hadn't she? Her heart sank as an overwhelming feeling of guilt gnawed away at her. Had she known about this, she would've dropped everything just to be with him and spent every waking moment doing whatever he wanted. She would've done anything for him in his time of need, but would he even believe that?

She felt a few tears forming in her eyes and blinked them away before they could escape. She grabbed the fourth letter, which was dated August 12, 2016. She noticed the greeting on this one was slightly different. It didn't contain the same amount of enthusiasm the last three had.

"Hey, Jill,
Things deteriorated rather quickly after our failed meet up. Those people from that organization I mentioned last time felt horrible that things didn't work out like they planned. They tried to make it up to me, but I never found out what they did, if anything. They probably donated money to the hospital or a charity or something. 
The doctors aren't sure how or why this happened, but something's gone wrong. Everything hurts so much, and I'm always tired. I can't even leave my bed without being in agonizing pain. I somehow managed to get even sicker, and I've only been given a few weeks, if that, left to live. Remember how I was so sure you'd kick the bucket long before I would, if I ever did? Looks like I was wrong after all these years.
I'm only 16, for Arceus' sake! I'm too young to be going through all this! I don't wanna die!  I don't wanna say goodbye to everyone I love! I haven't done everything I wanted to do! I never got to go to the DWMA, become a Death Scythe...or even see you after I came here.
Why didn't you ever write back?
Did I do something wrong? Didn't you care at all? Was I too much of an inconvenience to you while you got to live my dream at the DWMA? Were you hoping for something like this to happen? Please, please just give me an answer. Anything will do! You meant everything to me! I used my only wish to see you one last time, but you never came! I would've done anything for you! I would have fucking given my life for you if I had to, and I would've gladly done it! I've needed you now more than ever, yet you've vanished. I haven't even heard a single word from you!
Don't you remember what we promised when we first met all those years ago? We swore to be the best of friends who'd stick by each other through thick and thin, through good times and bad, no matter what happened! I wouldn't be surprised if you'd forgotten or hell, never even meant it.
Goodbye, my dear friend. I hope you live a long, happy life.
    Don't forget me and what we had. Spyro"   

Jill's heart ripped in half as her tears flowed freely from her eyes. They rushed out quicker than she could stop them, and she surrendered herself to them. She couldn't stop herself from rereading that letter over and over again. He hated her now, and honestly, she couldn't blame him.

"I'm so sorry... I should've been there... why didn't anyone tell me...?" she mumbled through her tears. Her whimpering turned into loud yelling as her anger got the best of her and she subconsciously prepared a Poison Jab. In the heat of the moment, she launched it at her door as hard as she could, knocking it off the hinges and creating a hole in it. She fell onto her knees after her attack connected with the door.

Her two pets, a Slowpoke and an Oshawott, temporarily stopped their eternal kiddie pool turf war once they heard the door crash into the wall. They made their way over to their Spinarak master and tried to comfort her. The Slowpoke cuddled with her torso while the Oshawott pulled out something Jill hadn't noticed earlier. It was a black hoodie adorned with small white stars all over it. The bottom half of the hood had a white crescent moon built into the circular hood, while the torso composed of a small, white ghostly figure floating over a gray tombstone and a dark brown tree.

With her arm shaking uncontrollably, she reached for the final letter. The handwriting on this letter was noticeably different than the previous four; it written in cursive, and was considerably neater. It was her mother's handwriting, and was dated August 19, 2016-exactly one week after the last one was written. Her tears slowly fell on the paper.

"Dear Sweetheart,
I hate to be the bringer of bad news, and it's breaking my heart just imagining your reaction to this, but...Spyro passed away. He passed at 12:34 am on the 13th surrounded by all his loved ones...and you in spirit.
There was quite a bit he wanted us to tell you in his final moments. First, he wanted you to have a hoodie he specifically picked out for you. It's black and has a starry night feel to it. He knew how much you loved the color black and stargazing, and he knew it would be perfect for you when he first saw it. He even got two holes cut in the back in the exact places where your back legs would stick out.
Second, he wanted to apologize for what he wrote in a previous letter to you. He could never intentionally hurt you and feel good about himself, no matter how much he needed to vent or how angry he got. He admitted that he shouldn't have lashed out on you like he did. He truly meant this, and he made it very clear that you had to know that he could or would never hate you.
Third...he mentioned you in his dying breath. His last words were 'Tell Jill I love her.' He had always admired you, cared about you...and loved you since that blessed first day over ten years ago, and it lasted until the bitter end. You were his whole world, you know. He even wanted to marry you and spend the rest of your life with you.
Marquis, his dad and your father's weapon partner back when they went to the DWMA, held his funeral yesterday. He's buried at the Resting Hope Cemetery, a quaint yet beautiful graveyard just outside Boston's city limits.
This hit him incredibly hard, and he's not taking this very well. Spyro was all he had after his wife passed away. Your father and I are going to move to Boston to help him through this difficult time. This was, of course, your father's idea. It was also his idea for Marquis to move into our neighborhood all those years ago, and when all three of us saw how close you two had gotten, he knew he could never separate the two of you no matter what he did. 
You're more than welcome to call home whenever you want and fly out here if you need to be with us. We'll do whatever it takes to get you to and from Boston as safely and quickly as possible. Please don't forget that everyone loves you and we'll always be proud of you-especially Spyro. Make his dream come true for him.
    Love, Mom."

Jill didn't how to react to that last letter. Her mother's words had comforted her slightly.

"So...he never meant all that...?" Jill wondered aloud as more tears trailed down her face. "It was just out of anger...?" She reread that part of the letter. She couldn't find any evidence to the contrary, although he could have easily lied to her mother, of all people, about it. She'd need to ask him if she ever got a hold of a Ouija board. 

"And what was that part about him liking me...?" her eyes scanned the letter until she reached that fourth paragraph. "He...always did...and I...never noticed...?" Now that she thought back on it-how often they hung out together, how he always went to her when things went wrong, how protective he became towards her when high school started-it all made sense. Was she really that clueless? How would she have reacted had he told her? 

Her rage had sizzled down to a weird combination of relief and sadness after rereading her mother's soothing words. Her guilt hadn't disappeared nor will it do so anytime soon, but her mind was at peace knowing that Spyro still cared for her and always would-even in his darkest hour. She pulled her pets and the hoodie close to her and held them while she wept.
PDWMA: Letters from Home
In memory of a family friend of mine.

Listening music (Headphones recommended)

Word Count: 2,678


I'm not going to lie. I've written the 2nd half of this twice (once for the rough draft, and again for the final version), and that 4th letter made me cry both times. Part of me feels bad for Jill, but the other part wants me to ruin her life after noticing she's had things way too easy.

Inspired by the wonderful Faileh's…
PDWMA: Fox Hunter (Ninja) by YoshiofRedemption
PDWMA: Fox Hunter (Ninja)

And with this, Jill officially declares her allegiance to the Ninja Team (who is ironically led by my least favorite character in Soul Eater. :/)

I don't own Pokemon or Soul Eater.

:: Fox Hunting ::

You’re at a party with a whole bunch of esteemed individuals but they have a dilemma: they believe that a Zoroark is hiding among the guests and is out to assassinate the host of the party. Snuff them out for a handsome reward.

: Rewards :

1 Team Point

1 Soul


Salandit Sketch by YoshiofRedemption
Salandit Sketch
Ah, Salandit. How I love you so and cannot wait to use you in my journey in Sun/Moon (whichever one I get).

Holy crap I love how it turned out~! :squee:

It's only a sketch now because I want some feedback on the anatomy-would it look right if it was ever on its back legs despite it being a quadrupedal creature, etc.-before I start coloring it. Who knows? You may see it again in the future... *begins plotting evilly*

Salandit (c) Game Freak/Nintendo
I should be getting close to that castle by now... Jill thought as she wandered through the forest. She had heard the rumors of the legendary suit of armor hidden within that castle, which was secluded within these woods. She had hoped she'd be able to sneak inside the castle and grab the armor before anyone else could. It'd be a nice upgrade from the sweaty makeshift costume she was wearing.

Sitting on a fallen tree was a figure with his arms cross. He wore a suit of red knight armor and was muttering to himself. "Stupid autobalance. I was freakin' made for team dragon. It's not my fault no one wants to join the knights. Knights are lame! As Jill came closer he noticed the Spinarak's footsteps. He hopped off the tree and readied his sword and shield. The helmet cut off a lot of his vision, hopefully the person wasn't coming from the side. "Hey!" he called out. "Fight me like a man!"

Jill had heard the sudden taunt as she passed in front of the short knight in red armor. She gave him a confused look before noticing the helmet. He probably couldn't see her very well, if at all; that was why she abandoned the helmet on her costume early on. "Yo, dingus, we're on the same team!" she called back, adding a playful insult to the mix. She prepared a Night Slash just in case he still wanted to fight her.

The knight recognized the voice and popped off his helmet. "Oh, it's just you." Blighter said with a snicker. "Now I really wish I was part of team blue. I'd love to kick your ass!" His grin shined with his armor. "So, why are you here anyway?"

"Keep telling yourself that." Jill quietly and mumbled in a playfully sarcastic tone under her breath. "There's supposed to be some legendary armor locked away in some castle near here, and I'm taking it for myself. What about you?"

Blighter's ears perked up in interest. "I was just sitting around. Legendary armor seems nice right about now. Your current garments look like shit." he mocked with a grin. If Jill was going to be wielding him, she needed the armor much more than he did.

"Oh, trust me, I'm well aware of that." she let out a chuckle. "This thing can't handle sweat for shit! The sooner I get it off, the better. You wanna come with? There might also be some tasty gems in there just waiting to be taken." If there was anything Jill knew that could convince him to join her, it had to be the promise of treasure. Plus, she did enjoy his company.

The Sableye gave the Spinarak a stare and held it for a good moment. He said nothing. He just... stared. He then chuckled and grinned again. "You know me way too well!" He put back his sword and shield and nudged her ribs. "Do you have any clue where this legendary armor is?"

That stare weirded her out. Had she broken hi-never mind. He finally responded. "Well, that's what happens when you spend a lot of time with someone. You get to know them in a way to either make them happy or take advantage of it for your own purposes." she laughed. "As for the armor, all I was told was that it's in a castle somewhere in these woods. Nothing specific or helpful, unfortunately."

A faint blush crept up on his cheeks. "You sure do know how to make me happy." he admitted before turning away. "Yeah, I saw a castle not too far from here. Let me show ya the way." He put back on his helmet and headed for the castle.

"Heh, thanks, man," Jill let out a sheepish laugh in response to both his compliment and offer to show her the way to the castle. She followed him through the forest. It grew darker and darker, yet simultaneously and strangely more peaceful, as they made their way to their destination. She made a mental vow to return to this wonderful place.

Blighter could care less about the forest. It was just a bunch of dirty junk that grew, got eaten, and then got pooped out so it could grow again. Plus, he had something else on his mind. "Have you been on any missions lately?" he asked in a curious tone as they reached the entrance of the castle. The rusted chains of the moat door had broken, leaving it permanently open.

"Yeah, actually," Jill replied. The sudden question startled her a little and forced her back to reality. She hadn't noticed they had reached the castle. They went inside. "I teamed up with Ruby the other day to take down a robotic Togetic Kishin, and that went well. We were both really worn out after that, though. Why do you ask?"

Oh no, Jill was bonding with Ruby... "H-Heh...Actually...I was sort of wondering if..." He was cut off when a board on the bridge broke. "Ah shit!" he called out before getting back up and hastily making it to the other side. "This place must be ancient!"

Jill ran across the crumbling bridge, being careful to avoid the spot where the newly created hole was. More boards fell after she had stepped on them, and by the time she joined him on the other side, only 3 boards were left intact. "Okay, we're gonna need to find another exit once we get the armor." the Spinarak pointed out the obvious once she caught her breath. "So, Blighter, what were you going to say before the bridge started collapsing?"

The knight leaned against the castle wall. "I want you to be my partner." He hastily said, hiding his blush within his helmet. "W-We make such a good team and I've done more missions with you than Ruby..."

"R-really?" Jill asked, sounding both surprised and soft. A faint blush covered her cheeks and she wished she had her helmet right now. It was true that they made a good team and fought with each other more than their own partners-heck, she hadn't even fought with her own partner, for crying out loud. "I'd love to, but what about Ruby and my partner, Hayden? And wouldn't we each lose some of our souls in the process?"

Blighter let out a loud curse when Jill mentioned losing souls. "Well... If we work together we'll get the souls back at a faster rate. Plus we'd make a stronger duo anyway." he said, trying to come about this logically. Just imagine if we reached soul resonance!" he grinned and his eyes sparkled. He noticed a nearby door and threw his body at it, breaking it down with ease.

Jill liked that Blighter was trying to find a logical and practical answer to resolve the soul issue. It showed he had at least spent some time thinking this over before telling her. She also briefly imagined the Soul Resonance she'd possibly share with him. It did look powerful and mighty, and hit incredibly hard. This was very tempting...

She had more questions to ask him about it, but a glare of light from the shining white suit of armor temporarily blinded her when he broke the door down and distracted her. Was that the suit? If so, it seemed...too easy. There had to be traps or fake suits of armor to trick them or something!

"Hot damn! We hit the jackpot!" Blighter cheered, getting back up. "Normally I don't crash into doors like that, but WHOOO!" He raised his fists. "Go ahead Jill! Try it on!"

Jill stepped through the space where the door once occupied and slowly got the armor on. It took some time dismantling it and it may not have been put on correctly in every single place, but at least nothing came off. "So, what do ya think?" she asked once it was on completely, attempting to strike a seductive pose with it covering her entire body.

What started as energetic excitement quickly turned into horrid boredom as Jill fumbled around with the armor. He sat on a fall stone slab and watched her in silence. He was dozing off by the time she finally got it on. "Y-yeah... Sure..." he half-snored. His body began to tip forward before he fell flat on his face.

Jill walked towards the sleeping Sableye and gently nudged him with her foot. "Come on, get up." she made a half-assed attempt to wake him up. When that failed, she simply picked him up and carried him until he decided to wake up or if she needed a weapon, whatever came first. She stumbled around in the dark castle looking for another exit.

"You need the exercise anyway..." The Sableye grumbled half asleep. Within moments he started to wake up from all of Jill's stumbling, but it was funny to see her have to carry him so he pretended to still be asleep.

Jill scowled while he grumbled in his sleep. "You're lucky you're not too heavy, or I would have dropped you by now ...that, and you look kinda cute when you're sleeping." She reluctantly admitted in a low mumble, hopefully only loud enough for her to hear. During this, she found the exit and stumbled outside...only for her to fall down some stairs that had been built into the ground.

Blighter's eyes opened wide, which was fairly obvious because they shined in the darkness. "W-Wha..." And the next thing her knew he was falling down the stairs. He bounced and rolled to the bottom and got up rather quickly. "Huh...That hurt much less than I thought it would!" he said with a laugh.

Jill bounced off the stairs and belly flopped onto the ground. She saw stars for a brief moment before they went away and she stood up. "Tell me about it. This armor really comes in handy." she inspected the armor to make sure it was still soundly attached, and it was. "Now what do with this?"

Blighter smirked behind his helmet. "Obviously, we need to find someone to test it with." He said in a cocky tone before morphing into a sword and landing in her hand. "Let's go find some dragons!"
PDWMA: Jill Falls Down Some Stairs 'Cuz She Sucks
Word Count: 1716


Featuring the wonderful Onions4Knights's Blighter! Both of these weirdos are on the Red Team!

:: Castle Crashing ::

There’s a wonderful castle nestled in an Oak forest. Inside this fortified keep, there’s a suit of legendary armor that can turn this team battle into your favor!  Feature your character escorting a battering ram to the castle doors, fighting off the opposing team, or retrieving the armor yourself!

: Rewards :

1 Team Point

1 soul

Elemental Hoodies! by YoshiofRedemption
Elemental Hoodies!
Alternative Title: How I Spent Labor Day Weekend 2016 When I Wasn't Forced to Go to Work!

While working on a possible reference update for my spider child Jill, I decided to give an old concept I had abandoned almost 4 years ago new life-and new designs! Here are the old designs from I believe late September/early October 2012 if you're curious and/or want to compare.

Top Row:

Water: This was, in my opinion, the second least changed hoodie from the original design. A few small things were changed, but the majority of the changes just came with adding more detail and some recolorations. This would have been made from sweat-resistant and waterproof material.

Light: Probably the simplest in design out of all the hoodies, but by no means does it mean it's bad. This design was inspired by the sunrise in a first season episode of The Simpsons, "Homer's Odyssey", as you can see in the last 20 or so seconds of this YouTube video. This particular hoodie would be made of material that was capable of reflecting sunlight-kind of like how a car does, except this won't blind you if you looked at it.

Fire: Arguably one of, if not the most changed from the original (now that I look back on the old design, what was that supposed to look like? Inside a furnace? The world will never know.) I guess it still has that inside a furnace feel from the original, but the hood has a design of a phoenix coming out of the smoke. This would have been infused with a built in heater/air conditioning unit that could adjust accordingly to the external temperature.

Bottom Row:

Darkness: This hoodie was my personal favorite out of the hoodies' old designs, and as such it is the least changed (I only realize now that I had no other ideas for it at least partially because of my attachment to the original design). The only changes made when compared to the old design are the colors of the moon and ghost (which were yellow and dark gray, respectively), more stars were added that would faintly glow in the dark, and the weird pink things at the end of the sleeves were removed.

Earth: Originally based on how the Earth would look in space, it still maintains the original design in the hood (ah, it's good to know I still can't and most likely won't draw the Earth realistically) The rest, however, depicts natural formations on Earth, with mountains, a volcano, and some plants. The material here would feel somewhat coarse and gritty to the touch, much like gravel.

Air: If the Fire hoodie had any semblance of its original form, then this one sure as heck doesn't. This is the only hoodie to include little attachments with the little wings coming off of the shoulders. The material would be somewhat lighter than the other hoodies (yet still enough to keep you comfortable in colder weather), although not light as air. Get it? Ah, who am I kidding? I'm not clever.

Everything regarding the material that would make up the hoodies are based off how I think they would be different from other hoodies (i.e., every other hoodie made ever) if they were actually real.

If someone wants to use a hoodie for a character/drawing, go ahead! Just give me the credit for the designs and let me know so I can see it! :D
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My Questions~
1. What what in the butt?
2. Do you wanna build a snowman~?
3. Can I have huggles? :meow:
4. Favorite Pokemon?
5. If all crime was legal for 24 hours (a la The Purge) and you were forced to commit a crime, what would you do and why?
6. How do you art?
7. What do you think is the funniest quote from a book/movie/tv show/etc.?
8. Dumbest thing you've done?
9. Darkest secret~?
10. Do you have any song recommendations? I love listening to new music!

My victims!
Whoever else feels like doing this! 


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Hi, everybody! (Admit it. If you're a Simpsons fan like me, you read that in the Dr. Nick voice. :icondrnickplz: :))

I'm Jill. I'm currently a college student who enjoys writing, drawing, being romantically involved with my bed, plotting world domination, and playing video games. I'm also on a seemingly endless quest to find great music (the 400+ videos in my main YouTube playlist are a testament to this quest), so if you have a song recommendation, please don't be afraid to share it with me. I really appreciate it! :D

I mostly prefer to write and upload poetry here, but I also have a good amount of drawings and even a Nuzlocke (that I really need to update but don't have any motivation to do so).

Have a great day, and enjoy this lovely Yoshi icon~! :iconyoshiplz:

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Onions4Knights Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Blighter really likes dicks.…
YoshiofRedemption Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
*Jill.exe has stopped working due to dying of laughter.* This is brilliant! :D
Onions4Knights Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Blighter is a total homo. XD
YoshiofRedemption Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
He sure is, and I love him. He's so precious! XD
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DillyDraws Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016
I only just now realized that your icon shows Jill

I thought it was a girl in a magenta robe and hood

What's wrong with me XD
YoshiofRedemption Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahahaha XD

It's all good man. I can understand if it's not clear :peace:
DillyDraws Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016
Haha~ I just thought it would be funny, so i decided to tell you ^v^
YoshiofRedemption Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe~ Thanks for sharing~ :meow: :huggle:
manatiki Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2016
Thanks for the +fav!
YoshiofRedemption Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! :D
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